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About Svetlana

My name is Svetlana. I'm originally from Russia where I graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering. My passion for beauty and art surpassed my original technical background and I decided to pursue a career in the beauty industry. I opened a successfull beauty clinic that provided services ranging from permanent makeup to plastic surgery.  This is where I began to learn about permanent makeup. In Europe, permanent makeup was mainstream, popular for any age and had been practiced for over 20 years. I then moved to the US and worked as a makeup artist for Lancome where I gained further expertise. After years of being in the makeup artist field, I decided to pursue a career in Permanent Makeup.

Certifications, Training & My Process
I hold many certifications from extensive training from around the country and I attend the prestigious Master Class Training in the US & Europe every year. The Master Class Training expands my knowledge, skills and teaches the latest cutting edge techniques which are constantly evolving. I am extremely proficient in color tone and blending to produce the most stunningly realistic hair strokes. I am fully licensed & insured which is renewed yearly by course completion and facility inspection. 

Upon your arrival, we will discuss your needs and I will artistically sketch your brows until we agree upon the look. Then I will use temporary pencil to outline the shape and position to your liking. I will then begin the process. I have thousands of happy clients and often do corrective and camouflage work. I invest a great deal of time and expense to master this craft which comes at a premium. You may find someone for less, but that can make the difference between sublime natural beauty or very dark, uneven and fake looking results. This is your face and you will have to look at it every day as well as many other people. Do not let price dictate your decision on something semi-permanent. Correcting poor work cannot be done for over half a year should you decide to use an inexperienced person. Corrective work can cost much more than the original procedure! I serve clients from the very young to my oldest customer who is 95!

What makes me unique?
I utilize European and American techniques which is rare. I am also a makeup artist and use the most advanced technology for implanting pigments which produces a beautiful "natural look" with less abuse to the skin.This produces the best healing and results. My equipment is cutting edge and applies pigments in a manner that create effects you will not see elsewhere. The equipment used in lower priced facilities can damage skin, produce uneven shading, incorrect color and may cause poorly healed work.  I am one of the few artists in Southern CA that uses an extremely high-end device. Most importantly, I have thousands of happy clients who now radiate with beauty!
I welcome a free consult to show you how we can enhance your natural beauty.