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3D (Hair strokes, Microblading, Ombré shading or combination- $550


Upper or Lower (eyelash liner) - $400   

Upper and lower (eyelash liner) - $600      

Upper (thick liner) - $500   

Upper and lower (thick liner) - $700

Adding shadow effect (1-3 colors) - $100


(Prices are the same for all techniques) - $550



  • Receive $100 off when you schedule two procedures at the same time

  • Receive $200 off when you schedule three procedures at the same time



$700 (for both)


Beauty Mark (1 spot) - $50 
Beauty Mark (each additional) $25
Patch Test - $30

The follow-up visits per Area:

Within two months after the initial procedure - $200

Yearly maintenance for color boosts (up to two years) - $300

Full price after 3 years without yearly maintenance

Appointment Booking:

24 hour notice required canceling or changing appointments
Keep in mind that this technique will require color boosts every 1-2 yrs to maintain it's natural appearance.


Two or more appointments may be necessary to achieve and complete most permanent make-up procedures. It is recommended to have your touch up appointment within 2-6 months of your original procedure.

New clients and those who have not had an appointment in 2 years or more, please arrive 15 minutes early to fill out paperwork.

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