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Areola Restoration

This procedure can be used to restore pigment balance and symmetry that may have been lost with aging. 

For many women having an even appearance to their breasts can help them feel more feminine and confident, whether this relates to the size or shape of their breasts or areola. While there are a range of options for making breasts appear fuller, including padding or implants, micro-pigmentation procedures are key to creating a well-defined areola where this does not already exist.

A nipple tattoo procedure can be used to create a natural-looking areola which can help to provide the ‘finishing touch’ for women after breast reconstruction or breast augmentation surgery.

Nipple tattoo procedures:

Who are they suitable for?

A nipple tattoo  procedure is suitable for any woman who wants to alter the appearance of their areola area in order to restore their body confidence.

This could particularly apply to women who have suffered from breast cancer and are left with faded or non-existent areola as a result of reconstructive surgery on their breasts. Nipple tattoo procedures can help to closely match the shade of your new areola with those that were in place before surgery and can also help to disguise any scarring around the areola area that may have occurred as a result of surgery.

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