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  • Don't touch the treated area with your hands.

  • Don’t get the treated area wet and apply an ointment (VERY THIN LAYER) 1-2 times a day for 10 days until scabs completely fall off. Wash your hands before and after each application and use a clean Q-tip to avoid infection. If a scab appears on the pigmented surface DO NOT force the removal by picking, scratching or washing! Pigment may be removed along with the scab!

  • Use gentle face cleaners, but avoid contact with the treated areas.

  • If you have ever had cold sores or herpes simplex it is important that you continue to use medication for 4 days after your lip treatment, as you did several days before.  This will help prevent an outbreak, which causes discomfort and could result in scarring.

  • For 10 days avoid: Soaps, facial cleansers, water on pigmented areas, washing pigmented area, chlorine pools, Retin-A, makeup on pigmented area, hot steamy long showers, sun exposure, Jacuzzi or saunas, Gym and sweating.

  • Shower with your back to the water to avoid getting treated area wet and prevent shampoo/conditioner from getting into the pigmented areas.


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