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  • Do not drink alcohol, coffee, strong tea, or take blood thinning medicines at least one day before the treatment

  • Do not eat heavy and spicy foods on the day of treatment

  • Do not use tanning beds at least 7 days before the treatment

  • Do not perform acid facial peeling, facial cleansers, facial laser hair removal or laser removal of capillaries at least 1 month before the treatment

  • Do not take Aspirin, Vitamin E, Niacin or  Ibuprofen (NSAIDs) 1 day before the treatment.

  • If you received botox injections, you should wait at least 1 month before the treatment

Prior to eyebrow treatment

  • Do not tint eyebrows

  • No waxing on face (min. two days prior to avoid skin irritation)

Prior to eyeliner treatment

  • Do not wear contact lenses

  • Do not wear lash extensions 

Before lip treatment

If you have herpes, consult your physician to begin a herpes outbreak protocol: (for example, ZOVIRAX or Valtrex).


Make sure to check the CONTRAINDICATIONS LIST.

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